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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Was asked to write 5 op ed pieces for the Boston Globe on five consecutive Mondays. Back in July. Promptly forgot about it and hoped they had, too. Then a reminder one week before first one was due. Major panic and cold sweats. Have never been good with deadlines.

First two published earlier this month, third coming out on Monday. Is meeting deadlines making me a better person? Not sure. Minimal sleep for past few weeks worrying about this, but kind of enjoying the insomnia.

Links to pieces are:


So far, only one angry phone call and one hate email. Must be doing something wrong.

First major snow of season. Entire city at a standstill due to weather and gridlock. Having no need to go anywhere, finding it all very pleasant and restful.

Beginning to get over death of dog. Hardly a surprise since she was 19, but sad even so. Had her for 15+ years. Yorkie, Chihuahua, Dachshund mix. Looked like Yoda crossed with ET. Had made it through so many health problems, near death experiences from wandering off, getting lost, going deaf, etc—it seemed like she would never die. Always managed to make it back home. Kind of hard to accept that this time she won’t.

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