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Friday, December 19, 2003

If it werenít for Christmas, this would be my favorite time of the year. I love the increasingly short, cold afternoons, the strong winds accompanying seasonal change, and the pervasive gray skies. This December has been especially gratifying in that weíve had several huge snowstorms in Boston, including one that dumped 3 feet in some places. I always get sick around the 21st when the light starts returning and thereís a subtle shift to longer days. I donít understand the aversion to winter. Maybe I have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. I usually get blue in April when warm weather begins to approach. Those first balmy, bright days? Hate Ďem.

Iím fascinated by ways in which people rationalize their behavior. Had a long talk with a married bisexual friend the other day who began telling me about an affair heís having with another married bisexual man and how each feels that his affair helps him remain faithful to his wife. This was stated without a glimmer of irony. Isnít this a little like saying that binging on chocolate cake helps you stay on your diet? But who am I to judge? He told me that in addition to remaining faithful to his wife, he wants to remain faithful to his male lover, and I offered to help him out.

What is churning inside Joe Liebermanís head? Is he thinking he can really pull this nomination out of a hat or is he just operating on a scorched earth policy combined with a temper tantrum? Itís not clear to me who heís trying to appeal to. Other than Republicans who can use his words to slash at the eventual nominee. The Capture is a strange piece of news. People seem to now feel safer from terrorism because someone who had tenuous ties (at VERY best) to terrorist threats against the US has been caught. The twisted logic and careful manipulation of language by the administration is frightening.

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