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Sean Michael #12

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sean Michael #12

So Steve was on TV again. Talking about his book. I mean, it's great and everything. but is there that much new to say? Here's the link:

A lot of his friends wrote to say how great he was. I'm beginning to get the feeling that he's the kind of person a lot of people find... I don't mean "tragic" exactly, but more "sympathetic." When I told this to my friend Andy, he said: "It's the same thing, Sean." But really, it isn't. When people find you "tragic," they say mean things about you behind your back; when they find you "sympathetic," they say nice things about you to your face, whether they believe them or not. Big difference, Andy.

I think I'm the kind of person people say mean things about to my face, not because they believe them, but mostly because of jealousy. It's not great, but it's better than being tragic. I think being tragic is the worst thing you can be, aside from ugly. And please don't freak out, anyone. I'm not being unkind and talking about ugly in a physical sense like my sister Shelley. That is genetic and can't be helped. I mean ugly as in selfish and nasty and unkind.

My play closed this past weekend, and to be honest, it's probably just as well. I was getting pretty tired of it. It's the same thing, over and over, two nights every week. I've done that, now it's time to move on.

So tomorrow, I leave (with Steve) for Lake Tahoe and a "yoga and music festival" at Squaw Valley. Wanderlust. Whatever. It will be a change of scenery. My bf (at the moment) "Dave" came back from his "vacation" with his "wife and children " and got pissed off at me than now I was leaving. Too bad, right? He also didn't like the clothes I was bringing, which he said were "inappropriate" for doing yoga. Oh really? As if he would know? And more to the point, as if I even plan to DO yoga? They have swimming pools at the resort. But actually, I am really looking forward to it as a spiritual retreat, because after the play and all the attention I received, I think I need a little solitude to meditate and drink.

Posted by Stephen @ 09:49 PM EST

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sean Michael #11

I would like to thank all the people who have written to me through Steve's website to congratulate me on the great review of Bare Necessities, the play I'm starring in. I really don't have time to answer everyone individually, so here are some responses to FAQ's.

1. Yes, the idea for my costume--the thong and the iPod--WAS my idea. The director wanted me to wear gym shorts and a T-shirt, which I thought was just TOO 80's. And it's not as if men didn't wear thongs in the 80's, too, which is when the play is set. As for the iPod, I really couldn't stand listening to the other actors, so they decided me staying alert was more important than strict historical accuracy.

2. Yes, the show is selling out. In fact, they've added an extra row of folding chairs, so it will be easier to get tickets. The director agreed to give me 10 tickets for each performance, which I'm selling to friends. If anyone wants one, write to me. I'm offering an AMAZING deal--only $12 above the regular price.

3. I am amazed that so many people have commented on my sexuality. It really is no one's business and, I consider myself a very discreet person. When I recently decided to tell people that I'm actually bisexual, certain-people-who-shall-remain-nameless rolled her eyes. Well, guess what? It's TRUE, mom. It's just that up to the point in my life, all my boyfriends happen to have been men.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that Steve got a review in the Bay Area Reporter, which is a newspaper, I guess.

Also, and this is REALLY exciting, he is going on a 4-day yoga retreat/festival at Lake Tahoe. He asked me if I wanted to go, even though I don't do "yoga" and even though it's very expensive. The thing is, I looked at the pictures on the website ( and there were pictures of lots of people who look older than me, so I figured it can't be that hard.

Plus there are musical acts at night. Lots of them have Indian-sounding names but when you look at the pictures, it turns out they're all blond. So whatever. Also nostalgia acts like Moby. Hopefully there won't be any drugs because of the "yoga." I really can't stand being around people on drugs when they're older than 35. Especially if they're dancing and sweaty.

As for the money, I explained to "Dave," my boyfriend (at the moment) that since he was going to Maine with his wife and kids for TWO WEEKS, it didn't seem unreasonable for me to think he might want to help me with some of the expenses for MY vacation by paying for everything.

So we're leaving on July 28th and I will be posting here about it.

Posted by Stephen @ 02:11 PM EST

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sean Michael #10

First of all, Steve is on vacation, so I am more or less left without things to do except mention that Insignificant Others received a nice review in the Seattle Times. Apparently, this is a newspaper some people read.

Since he won’t have Internet access, I can say a little about myself here FOR ONCE without worrying about being “scolded.”

Bare Necessities, the play I’m in, opened on Saturday, and a review came out yesterday. It was so much better than I ever dared to hope, I almost can’t stand it. They said I had “the best role in the play” and did “some of the most expressive acting” on stage. A few of the other people in the show were disappointed, but frankly, I think they’re crazy. Basically, it was a huge, unbelievable RAVE, and as a result, the show has been extended, and my parents are driving up from Quincy to see it.

Here’s the full review, from The Somerville Tab, which is distributed in over SEVENTEEN Supermarkets. I’ve highlighted some of the best sections:

By Rhonda Pilldrew

“When the city has been broiling in 100-plus temperatures for more than a week, and the theater (Theatre Tragique, formerly an auto insurance office) has to turn off the air conditioner at the start of each performance, THE ACTOR WITH THE BEST ROLE IN THE PLAY is clearly the one whose costume consists of a thong and an iPod. “Bare Necessities, a new play by Tragg Millet, is the fourth and final production of the Theatre Tragique’s season. Their three previous plays were: The Long, Empty Afternoon; An Aching Listlessness; and the relatively light-hearted three-and-a-half-hour musical, At Death’s Door, all world premiers. According to the program, Bare Necessities is the first of a three-play cycle. God help us.

“Since Mr. Millet didn’t seem to spend much time on plot or dramatic tension, I won’t either. Four men of a certain age sit around a pool in Palm Springs discussing their lives and sexual escapades, and waxing nostalgic about various forms of substance abuse.

“It’s hard to know if Mr. Millet’s choice of names for his characters (Dan, Don, Des, and Dave) was a conscious nod to the fact that they’re indistinguishable or not. The actors (Bart Bobb, Reg Howard, Kirk Logger, and Malowney Trandler) drink throughout (luckily for them, real wine donated by Trader Joe’s) and at one point, Mr. Bobb took what appeared to be an unscripted bathroom break.

“Stage right is commanded by “the neighbor,” AN ATTRACTIVE YOUNG MAN who, for reasons that are unexplained, spends ninety minutes washing a window in a thong. Although Sean Michael Mahoney has no lines, HIS DERRIERE PROVIDES SOME OF THE MOST EXPRESSIVE ACTING IN THE PLAY. And his SCENE-STEALING mugging offers some respite from the tedious dialogue. In fact, MR. MAHONEY’S OUTRAGEOUS ANTICS PROVOKED SEVERAL OUTBURSTS OF HILARITY from an audience that otherwise seemed comatose.

“It won’t give away any surprises to say that the play ends with a couple of the characters-whose-names-begin-with-D engaging is what is obviously supposed to be an unprovoked sexual attack on “the neighbor.” But since Mr. Mahoney SEEMS TO BE ENJOYING HIMSELF AS MUCH HERE AS ELSEWHERE IN THE PLAY it’s hard to know who is attacking whom.

"The play RECEIVED THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE AND CHEERS that sounded, to this jaded audience member, largely ironic."

(Theatre Traigique is located at 64 Morganbrew Road---bring your GPS.)

Posted by Stephen @ 02:45 PM EST

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sean Michael #9

So Steve's book has gotten some great reviews, whatever, but finally, something that really MEANS something. There was a picture of the book jacket on the bullseye page of Entertainment Weekly. Steve was totally bland about this, but let's face it--it's HUGE. I've come to the conclusion that the problem with book reviews is that people have to actually read them. This way, you just glance at the page and you see it and you're given the impression that the book is hot and people are buying it.

Steve wasn't even going to write to the editor of the magazine, so I took it upon myself to send a thank-you e-mail. The embarrassing part is that I had been doing some of my own work on the computer and accidentally attached a head shot and some promotional stuff about Bare Necessities, the play I'm in. I had to write back to apologize, and I started up a nice correspondence with one of the editorial assistants. So we'll see what comes of that.

The play actually opens tomorrow night, so I am extremely excited about it. Hopefully, the reviews will be excellent. If so, the producer is already talking about extending the run beyond both scheduled performances. Please keep fingers crossed for me.

By the way, I'm supposed to thank all the people who came to Steve's various readings. I am so bummed that I missed them all, I cannot even describe it. I know it's fine with Steve because when I told him I was dying to go and would only bill for regular hours and not overtime, he said, "Don't bother, Sean." So it's okay with him but a drag for me.

Posted by Stephen @ 12:13 AM EST

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sean Michael #8

So Steve was on TV yesterday, talking about summer reading on a news show. Here's the link.

I thought he did a great job, and to be honest, I was really, really impressed. It actually sounded as if he'd read the books he claimed to have read.

I went with him because being an actor, I wanted to coach him and be supportive about the right way to behave on camera. I don't have extensive film experience, but I know how to always draw attention away from everyone else on the set, which is something I've found surprisingly easy to do.

I thought it would be an opportunity for me to talk with someone about the play I'm in and perhaps generate interest in them running a segment where I go on and talk and they broadcast clips from a rehearsal, but Steve wanted me to wait in the car. Somehow, one of the books Steve brought fell out of his bag, so I had to go in after all and bring it to him. Funnily enough, I did get an opportunity to have a pretty good conversation with one of the producers I just happened to run into in the Men's Room. He said he'd see what he can do for me, and I know he will because I have the address and phone number of where he and his wife live.

Finally, it turns out that my friend Andy has been reading my entries here and got bent out of shape because in the last one I mentioned an incident involving his boyfriend, Mike. The whole thing is really ridiculous and insulting, him accusing me of trying to "seduce" Mike. First of all, I never try to seduce people unless I'm sure they're interested in the first place, and secondly, Andy and I have been friends forever, and I would NEVER do anything to hurt him when there isn't any personal gain involved for me. The whole incident was enough to make me cynical.

Posted by Stephen @ 10:24 PM EST

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