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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Advance reviews for Insignificant Others good thus far. Each one feels like a dodged bullet. Phew. Then again, made it clear to publisher to please not send or inform of negatives. Can call mother for indictments of talent and taste and, in that case, can at least respond with in-kind insults.

After reading Ken Auletta’s assessment of current situation in publishing world in recent New Yorker, entire topic of reviews and reactions seems dated somehow. But no clue what to replace topic with. The iPad? Not on current shopping list.

Received similar messages from several friends who read that new novel is partly about married bisexual man. Basic message: “It’s not based on me, is it?” Basic response: “Of course not!” Basic truth: “Kind of.” All friends in this situation have similar stories and issues, so bits and pieces culled from all over, plus information gleaned from several interviews conducted. In any case, sympathetic portrayal of dilemma, so no one is likely to be offended.

In New York for Publishing Triangle Awards. S nominated for prize I did not win three years ago. Would have been more interesting and psychologically fraught if our books had been competing against each other on same list, but wasn’t meant to be. Another dodged bullet?

Posted by Stephen @ 05:24 PM EST

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