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Monday, January 11, 2010

Reminded today by A from Atlanta that Author Updates approaching new record of 1-year sans updates. Hesitant to display lack of consistency by breaking silent streak, but have decided to attempt getting back on track.

2009 marked by assorted travails related to asthma, teaching job, and attempts at finishing new novel. Finally went to monastery in upstate NY and finished new book in late December. Will be published June 2010. In time for dreaded mid-50’s mid-life birthday.

Monastic experience complete success. Had been dreading it, but needed to retreat from depressingly uneventful life to finish book. Approached fearful of feeling like fraud and outsider. Turned out to be very much like every other B&B—a little chilly and run by gay guys. (Albeit gay guys in white robes.) Hadn’t realized it was silent retreat week until middle of dinner first night when lack of conversation indicated something was up Perfect atmosphere for those of us who have nothing interesting to say anyway. Much easier to appear intelligent and thoughtful and no chance of slipping up by mentioning “Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab” in middle of conversation on spirituality.

Title of new novel: INSIGNIFICANT OTHERS. Subject is long-term relationships.

Must practice for ukulele lesson tomorrow. More imposed silence since teacher doesn’t let students talk or play during lesson. Complete waste of time and money, but then, what ukulele lesson wouldn’t be a complete waste of time and money?

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Have been pissed off at success of beloved yoga studio, which somehow or other seems like bad karma. Classes that once topped off at 10 or 15 students now up 50. Considerable problems with humidity, given that room is heated to 98 degrees. Like being inside steamy, subtropical germ incubator while instructor extols health benefits of exercises. Raised issue of crowding with instructor who shrugged it off. “New Year’s resolutions. It happens every January.” Happy to hear this since most such resolutions have shelf life of about 2 to 3 weeks. Left studio feeling relieved that cigarettes and booze would probably reclaim bulks of the crowd before February. Then had to deal with guilt and bad karma about mean-spirited relief.

Kindle envy resolved in most satisfactory way. Trollope book arrived in the mail 24 hours after placing order. Started reading it and having trouble putting it down. Amusing, vivid, unaffected, and insightful. Best of all, love the way 900 pages feel in the hand and pleasing creasing of binding as reading progresses.

Economizing going well, but as this is New Year’s resolution, will undoubtedly meet fate of nonsmoking and stop-drinking resolutions of annoying yoga students. Which could mean will be unable to afford yoga classes at exact moment overcrowding finally subsides. Karma?

Posted by Stephen @ 03:55 PM EST

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