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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Interesting story in the NY Times about the unmasking of writer and alleged human being, JT Leroy.

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In September of 2001, a few days before the 11th, S and I were involved in a carefully organized event to celebrate publication of Leroy’s book of stories, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. Local writers and musicians read excerpts amid much fanfare and hype to a packed house in a theatre in Harvard Square.

Had a phone call from “JT” before reading and got strange feeling something wasn’t right. Too soft and professionally charming in an unconvincing way. Too many names dropped. Diane Keaton, Courtney Love, Carrie Fischer. Made me want to run in opposite direction.

Backstage, every one of the readers I talked to rolled his eyes at the mere mention of Leroy’s name. Most doubted his existence, and few thought much of the stories. It was all shameful promotion of the most crass variety.

As for why we were involved, we all had our own shameful publicity/self-promotion motives. At least I did. A new book I was hawking.

Now it turns out the abused, androgynous (possibly transgender) boy, pimped by his mother at truck stops and infected with HIV, is really a middle-aged woman, a former rock musician. The whole story of abuse and sexual degradation cooked up by faltering musician to make the books more salable and melt the hearts of Courtney Love and Gus Van Sant.

I suppose you have to give her points for imagination and PR skills.

Love all the photos of Mr. Delay on the news. Like most of these right-wing scum types, he’s got that eerily soft face and body, the look of a cartoon baby.

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